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Goddamn, it feels good to be back and able to use the old Companyname!!!

Big Thanks to the good people at S&S Cycle for giving it back to us!!!         

As God (Jimi Hendrix) once said: We're livin' in the past!!

It's time to can the past and to start thinking about the future. To leave all the crap that has been over the past 12 years and move on.

A fresh start with new patterns, machines and ideas and a new generation learning shopstuff every day. We're learning more everyday on the new machines and the new fixtures are almost done.

So far we have made patterns for the ULH cylinders, aluminum heads and the case with both camcovers is ordered from the patternmaker. Life is returning!

Nuff said, I just want to Welcome Yall's to the introduction of the new Flathead Power Sweden!

Anders and Åke

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